Terms and Conditions

All quotations made buy the Seller shall be effective for a period of fourteen days from the date the quotation is delivered, and shall not be construed or to operate as an offer or obligation to sell or supply. Accordingly the seller reserves the right to accept or reject at its discretion any offer to purchase that it received.


EWP shall not be bound by any terms and or conditions by the buyer which differ from the information contained herein.


Under no circumstances may orders be cancelled or the seller will be required to comply with any variations to an order unless such cancellations, alterations and additions or variations have had a price and or allowance been agreed in writing by the seller. All cancellations will incur a cancellation fee based on 15% of the purchase price of the equipment.


EWP’s trading terms are Net Cash on Delivery unless otherwise agreed in writing. If loan contract or lease or any other type of finance is to be arranged, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that arrangements are completed prior to delivery.


Delivery of the goods will occur at the place specified in the quotation or subsequently agreed in writing between EWP and the customer. Any subsequent request for delivery to a different site will be at the discretion of EWP and any additional costs arising are to be paid by the purchaser before delivery. The estimated time for delivery set out in the quotation is an estimate only made in good faith by EWP, we will not be liable for any loss arising by a customer as a result of a delivery not occurring within the estimated time whatever the reason. EWP can give the customer at least 3 days’ notice of the date and time at which EWP will be in a position to make delivery. The purchaser shall take delivery of the goods at the purchaser’s specified location within seven days of notification by the seller that the goods are ready for delivery. In cases where EWP accepts responsibility for the delivery, the buyer will be responsible for immediate examination of the goods after arrival to the destination. No claim for goods damaged in transit will be entertained unless made within 24 hours after arrival at the destination.


Notwithstanding delivery of the goods or any part thereof, title of the goods shall remain with the seller until all monies owing by the purchaser to the seller have been made in full whether such monies are in respect of a particular order or any other account whatsoever.


EWP warrants all new equipment as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Warranty does not include travel, overtime and accommodation expenses. All used equipment is sold as is where is unless otherwise specified.


Insurance is, and always will be, the hirer’s responsibility (Including long term hire and rental)


Any lease option referred to in the quotation is indicative only of lease and finance that may be available. It is not an offer by EWP to arrange lease or finance or any other finance for the customer, this quotation is not conditional on finance, if the customer wishes to pursue the option of lease finance it must ensure that the finance is approved and available to enable to financier to discharge the customers obligation to pay the purchaser price of the goods and any other money payable under this quotation on the due date for payment.


The buyer shall pay all duties government imposts goods and services tax and other indirect taxes in respect of the good sold or service provided. Unless specifically stated otherwise the price for goods and services on the face value shall be exclusive of GST.


EWP may be required to make commercial and consumer credit checks in order to process and asses your application for a credit account in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy act (1988). This information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence by EWP personnel, in accordance with our own privacy policy.